Mar 092014
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We show you some funny ideas to decorate your home and garden. 

      See how you can change your gym-shoes vision only by adding a beautiful ribbon of cloth. You need just to choose a suitable color for the cloth of the ribbon and then to fix it in a suitable way to the side part of the gym-shoe. You fix the place where the ribbon will be.

funny ideas for tea

        This is a very interesting suggestion to serve the afternoon tea! When you expect guests, you can arrange the table with a similar exemplary decoration immediately before they arrive. It’s not difficult to realize this idea and the lavender or another aromatic herb will impress your guests! After they arrive, your friends will have enough time to enjoy the decoration, until you prepare and serve the tea!

funny ideas for

         More funny ideas!

         This is a perfect way to create wonderful mood in your home! Look at how you can transform the small pillow thus so it would provoke completely new emotions with its presence. These quite easy to work summer flip flops will recharge you with positive emotions. You can create two pillows – one for HIM and another for HER. Make them in two different colors and you’ll get a very interesting solution for your interior!!!

funny ideas 55

         More funny ideas!

         Here you can find out suggestion for extremely practical shelves, which can change their height any time, if necessary. This unpretentious mini section is a very useful solution for home. With the help of several wooden shelves and construction elements you can get a wonderful cupboard for the TV set or a bookcase, a stand for the remote control or any other things.  The actual shelves can be made of solid wood or MDF or boards made of wood fragments. It‘s important they to be strong enough for the purpose you’ll use them! The construction components for your mini section could be concrete blocks, ceramic bricks, or just ytong blocks. Depending on the arrangement you’ll get different in height shelves!

        We hope you like our funny ideas!

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