Nov 242013
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A fountain in the garden


A fountain in the garden. It’s a wonderful idea for your garden, if you’ve got enough water and you want to delight the sound of running water.

There are 2 variants to create such a romantic atmosphere in your own garden. The first is to use natural water, if there runs a small river and its level is higher than the level of your fountain. The other way is to use a pump with the help of which the water will circulate permanently. If you’ve got access to running water, it’s necessary to lead the river water to your fountain by pipes, where you have to put a grating to avoid entering of leaves, roots and other things. The surplus water you have to lead by an irrigation canal or back to the river. The other variant is with a pump, which has to lift up the water from a reservoir to the fountain and after the water has run in the trough, to run out back to the reservoir. If you choose a pump, its installation and fitting have to be done by a qualified specialist to avoid electricity problems. For the construction of this lovely fountain you can unleash your imagination and create unique look. It can be with one, two or three spouts, it can be built of stones or you can even face a concrete construction with stones. If you have possibility and will, you can accent on the frontage with elements of river stones, as shown in the picture. A compulsory condition is to use flexible glue for stone facing if you face with stone slabs, because this glue will endure unsuitable atmospheric conditions. It’s advisable the approach to the fountain and the ground in front of it to be made of stone slabs, to create a beautiful and finished composition. For this purpose you have to even up the ground, after that to lay polythene folio, to avoid growing of grass and weeds between the slabs. Then, on the folio, you have to put a layer of sand, on which you’ll arrange the slabs. The gaps between the slabs may be filled with colored gap grout or left empty, small root system grass will grow up. If you want you can polish the stones of this unique fountain with a special stone lacquer.

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