Nov 172013
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If you want to have such a lovely flower-stand with so compact and abundant blossom verdure, profit by this idea.

Similar ready flower-stand you can find in garden equipment specialized stores, but you can also do it on your own. For this purpose you need to buy a PVC pipe, diameter of 200 or 250 mm and another one with diameter of 40 or 50 mm. The side-openings you can drill with cutter for wood or metal with a convenient diameter, best 30 or 40 mm. Drill openings of 6-8 mm on the inner pipe, 50 mm, which is used to watering the plants. You have to find a plastic or metal mat, where you will fix the two pipes. If you use this flower-stand in the garden or in the yard, you can make a concrete mat. If you don` t like the color of the pipe you have bought, then paint it with a quality acrylic paint. In advance, work it with sandpaper 400. If you like fruit more than flowers, you can plant strawberries which are very beautiful too, but also very tasty.

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