Feb 012014
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It’s very good for every household to have at hand always fresh and spices and herbs in the garden at convenient place. This rockery will help you to create you own mini-garden for herbs, flowers and spices.

   We show you a very interesting idea how can you build on your own a rockery in the garden, where you can plant many kinds of herbs, different spices for the kitchen or beautiful flowers. It’s built of single bricks in the form of a snail. First, you have to choose a suitable place, where you’ll build your rockery. Line out the contours in the form of a spiral and start to arrange the bricks as shown in the picture. First arrange one row of single bricks as you use their length to be the width of your spiral. Two bricks in width equal one in length. This cross disposition is made to give stringiness of your rockery construction. Stick the bricks for this rockery with the help of mortar solution with addition of cement, or you can stick them with cement glue for external sticking of tiles and stones. The difference between the ordinary glue (for interior use) and the glue for external use is that the second one is elastic and doesn’t crumble when drastic temperature change occurs. To lend a snail form of your rockery you have to begin every next row in definite intervals inside. Like this you’ll create the height in perspective. When you finish your rockery, you must leave it for several days to dry. You can leave it this look or stick all over its visible part with river stones or stone tiles. For this purpose you have to use again some special flexible (elastic) stone glue, and you have to clean well in advance the stone or tile surfaces. When they are well dried, then joint the gaps between them with some suitable joint mixture. Level the space with soil mixed with some compost and sow in this beautiful rockery your herbs, spices and favorite flowers. You need only to consider the plants height to avoid covering and sheltering of each other.

What a beautiful rockery!

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