Jun 302014
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This is a publication about the beautiful gem emerald.

The characteristic feature of this gemstone is its green color, more it is dark green and transparent more the price is higher. Green emerald is a beryllium aluminum silicate. Its color is due to the presence of alloyof chromium, vanadium and iron. It’s good for People of Taurus, Leo and Cancer to have an emerald. The symbolism of the emerald is purity and fidelity. The largest emerald ever found is the “Patrician” and is located at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.It was found in 1920 in the mine “Chivor” and weights 632 carats. The most beautiful and expensive emeralds were found in South America. In ancient times, emeralds were obtained in the mines of Cleopatra in Egypt, and the oldest evidence of mines where emeralds were mined dates back to 2000 BC. These mines were located within the Arabian Desert.Nowadays one of the most famous emeralds is the “Emerald of the Duke of Devonshire” which is kept in the British Museum of Natural History in London. It is believed that the gem emerald enhances memory, strengthens the heart and is thought to be the stone of wisdom. Mystical properties are attributed to the emerald with gold facing to protect against infections, chase away bad dreams, gives wisdom and strengthens the heart, brings its owner fame and is the guardian of marital fidelity in the family. So if you can afford jewelry with emeralds do not hesitate and get it. High quality emeralds are rare; the price of any of them exceeds the price of diamonds. The best quality emeralds are mined in Colombia. Roman Emperor Claudius Nero (37-68) possessed an emerald monocle and he used it to watch gladiator fights. An interesting fact is also the emerald called “Miner’s glory” found in Russia, weighing 6431 kg., But despite its large size its quality is not high enough. In the early 20th century in Europe Cartier started to make pretty jewelry “tutti frutti” style, influenced by Indian jewelry, he encrusted in bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces many emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Because of its fragility the gem emerald is most often faceted stepped with beveled edges.

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