Mar 272014
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Easter is the holiest Christian holiday that is celebrated very solemnly by all the Christians around the world.

     In the Christian religion, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion and burial. Each holiday has different symbols, as Easter main symbols, are two:

Easter - ornaments

       – Easter eggs dying
– Easter cake kneading

      According to Bulgarian customs it’s characteristic that the eggs are dyed on Maundy Thursday or Holy Saturday, if people haven’t been able to do this on Maundy Thursday. The first egg must be dyed compulsory in red before sunrise and they used to do the sign of the cross to the first-born child in the family. The other eggs must be colourful and in the past people painted them with natural dyes.  For red and yellow shades were used walnuts or red onion peels.

 ornaments and

       Green eggs were dyed in an infusion of nettles. Different leaves and flowers of blossoming trees were used for decoration. And to this day an egg knocking game is held and the holder of the strongest egg / the fighter / is believed to be the most healthy and strong throughout the year. The first dyed red egg is placed in front of the home icon. There are customs  eggs to be exchanged and given as a present to the godparents.

 Easter cake kneading

        Also a main symbol of Easter is cake kneading. It’s a kind of a sweet flat cake with a hole in the middle where Easter eggs used to be placed. Typical for Easter cake kneading is that in our country we prepare it on Maundy Thursday and peculiar knits are used in its preparation.

To create a holiday atmosphere different effective decorations are used such as beautifully decorated eggs and Easter associated lovely objects. We show you some ideas for a beautiful decoration!

Easter cake

Easter eggs

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