Jul 082014
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DIY furniture idea

DIY Furniture Ideas

DIY Furniture Ideas

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Home décor is one thing which needs your serious attention, otherwise the entire look of your house will be lost somewhere. When you design your home, the furniture is one of the most important things and you must ensure that they enhance the look of your house. However, it is indeed very expensive to buy it all, because there are certain other expenses as well which tend to burn your pocket.

You can try the following DIY furniture ideas for the headboard and give your home a new look.

Photo Headboard

In case you have a good collection of family pictures, then you can arrange them in a creative way and hang the pictures on the headboard to make your house look different and classy. You can even use black and white or sepia toned pictures to make it in contrast with the wall color.

DIY furniture idea

Ladder Bookshelf

You can use an old ladder lying around your home and paint them in an interesting color and then use the same as a shelf. This can be a great furniture for book shelves and this DIY furniture idea will give a complete new look to your home.

Door Headboard

The old doors which must have been in your old home can be used as a headboard for your bed. The wood quality of such doors are so good that they can be used as a headboard and you can keep books or other things on it. You just need to polish the wood a little so that it gets a new look.

DIY furniture idea

Wall Cubes

You can get the twelve inch open wooden cubes and stack them together. Once you paint them in colorful interesting colors, they can become a great furniture to keep books, show pieces and other essentials. You can even paint them in patterns to make it look better.

Doorknob Coatrack

When you make your new house, most of the things of the old house just go waste. The antique door knobs which are usually found in old houses are of great quality and look really smart. If you collect all the identical door knobs and then collect them together to make it a coatrack. If you paint the wooden part of the coatrack in a bright color, the coatrack will look even better.

Using these DIY furniture ideas will give a new look to your house and it will also help you save a considerable amount of money.

DIY furniture idea

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