Apr 282014
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decoupage eggs

Decoupage eggs

Technique of decoupage eggs!As we approach the Easter holiday, I will show you how to decorate eggs, which you can then eat, with the technique – decoupage eggs

You will need boiled eggs as many as you wish to make.A quality three-ply napkin with suitable small patterns, scissors, a raw white of an egg beaten with a fork, a flat paintbrush possibly wider and of course fantasy and desire to make decoupage eggs.

Decoupage eggs

Decoupage Easter eggs

If you have got children at home, you can also include them, it will be great fun. Here I’ll make a small parenthesis; instead of a raw egg white you can use gelatine to make decoupage eggs. And I will explain this technique.First, the eggs that you’ll decorate should be white orpossibly with the lightest shells.The more white shell is, the more the image will stand out.Wash well in advance the eggs, which you’re going to use. It is better they to be left a few hours at room temperature and not directly from the fridge. Then put them in the vessel in which you’ll boil them. Add a tablespoon of salt and pour cold water to cover the eggs, then put on the hot-plate. Once the water boils, you can go down the temperature and take the time to cook the eggs. 10 minutes is the best time to cook hard-boiled eggs.When the time to boil the eggs is over, remove them from the hot-plate, pour out the hot water and immediately fill cold water. This will prevent turning blue of the yolk.When the eggs become cool you can start the important part – decoupage eggs. Take the chosen napkins and cut out or tear off the elements you want to glue on the eggs. As I said in the beginning, it is a three-ply napkin.Take only the top layer of the napkin with the flower motif.Dip the brush in the beaten with a fork egg white and lay a coat on the place where you’ll stick the piece of napkin.

Put carefully the piece of napkin there and smooth with the brush dipped in the egg whites again, starting from the middle to the end, softly with light pressure to remove the bubbles formed between the egg and the piece of napkin.

Now leave to dry and then continue with your decoupage eggs. Cover like this each egg, if you want from all sides. You can stick only one picture, it’s your decision, but the egg becomes very beautiful covered from all sides. Let me explain how you could stick the motif with gelatine.Dissolve one packet of gelatine in 100 ml cold water and leave to swell.Put 400 ml of water to boil.Pour the swelled gelatine in the hot water and mix well until it melts.Cool and glue the pictures with it in the same way as with the egg white. Have fun, you and your children, if you decide to include them in this initiative. Be patient and you will make the most beautiful Easter eggs.

A decoupage eggs lesson!

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