Dec 232013
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multicolored cones


A decoration of multicolored cones

Perhaps, you’ve wanted many times to make on your own something interesting to hang on your Christmas tree or to place as an accent in the interior. This is a wonderful suggestion, which is easy to work with accessible materials. To make a beautiful multicolored cones composition you should first find suitable cones. It’s good to know, that the different kinds of coniferous trees have got different shaped and sized cones. When you use various multicolored cones, it’s possible to get better decoration results. Before coloring, it’s advisable to clean from the dust and mechanical damaged the actual cones. The real coloring you can do in several different ways. The first one is by dip into an acrylic paint, the other one is with the help of a brush, as you carefully paint every roughness. The third way is with the help of a suitable paint sprayer. After the paint has dried well, you can add some extra elements to the multicolored cones like brocade, artificial colored pearls or colored sand. Choose a suitable wooden basket to place there your unique cones and you can decorate the whole composition with the help of a pretty ribbon. Between the multicolored cones you can put some cinnamon sticks, dried fruit, or a beautiful Christmas tree ornament. If you have colored more cones, you could fix suitable hooks with hot silicon or with a ribbon, and hang them on your Christmas tree.

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