Nov 142013
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Cupboard from children` s bed

Many people wonder what to do with already needless children` s bed. They are sorry to throw it out, because it invokes memories, but at the same time it stands in the way and there is no place at home. That is why here is a cunning how to use your children` s bed as a cupboard. If it is in a state of a good preservation and there are not visible damages on it, it is possible not to paint it though. Remove the front protective enclosure and fix it at desirable height depending on objects you want to save there. Fix it so that you can remove it at other height if necessary. As raft above you can use thick hardened glass or MDF or other similar material you can find at building supermarkets or some furniture workshop. If you decide to paint the bed-cupboard, do it with acrylic paint. You may use this cupboard as a stand for your TV, a little bookcase etc. If you fit little furniture wheels at the base, it will be possible to move it easily to different places in the room.

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