Mar 292014
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creative ideas

creative ideas for home

It is very nice when you have handmade decorations made ​​of you in your home, that’s why we’ll show you some creative ideas that you can use to make your home more beautiful!

     Funny and creative ideas! First, we show you how to completely transform an old stool to acquire an absolutely new and unique look! If you have an old stool that is solid, but doesn’t look good, you can easily make it completely different, using little tricks. First you need to clean it well and remove the old paint as possible. If the structure is not stable enough, you have to strengthen it with the help of some glue and wood screws. Then flatten the surface roughness with fine sandpaper. Thoroughly clean the base and, if possible, lay a coat of primer, which provides a better grip of the new paint to the old base. Wait to dry well and apply several layers of acrylic paint, depending on the difference in the color of the base and the new paint. When applying the paint, it is important to wait for every previous layer to dry completely. You can then proceed to the decoration of your stool. You can use a technique called „decoupage” to lay on ready motifs from a napkin or fine paper and then polish finally your new creation. Do the sticking with some decoupage glue, which you can buy from hobby shops. If you’re a good painter, you can decorate the surfaces with different motifs painted with an acrylic paint and then coat them again with several layers of a high quality acrylic lacquer. In the same way you can renovate and other small furniture such as bedside tables, chairs, bookshelves or small tables!

 Interesting creative ideas

        Interesting creative ideas!

This beautiful wall panel can adorn your wall if you decide to show your creative thinking and to work it out on your own! First you need to make the wooden frame of bamboo or any other sticks. Join them together from the reverse side with wood screws to make the construction more robust. Then select a piece of cloth with an interesting structure for the base and tuck its edges. Further you can improvise and make the decoration with coffee beans, cinnamon sticks, various buttons, colored beads or even natural materials such as acorns, cones and small pieces of bark … Fix the cloth to the frame with the help of a hemp thread or a suitable cord and strengthen the corners of the frame itself as shown !

We hope, you‘ve liked and used these interesting creative ideas!


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