Feb 122014
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A Country style roll

The recently baked bread aroma always brings me back to my childhood, when my granny kneaded bread in hutch and baked it in the wood-burning stove. That’s why I suggest you this tasty and interesting country style roll!

       These memories bring me to the next experiment. I wanted to prepare something different and savory, that I can serve in different occasions, and which will create spring mood, if we decide to go to a picnic in the open. I used the following ingredients to make the country style roll: 250 ml cool milk, 20 gr. fresh yeast, a tea spoon of sugar, a tea spoon of salt and about 500 gr. white flour. For the filling of my roll I needed 5 hard-boiled eggs and about 200-250 gr. high quality sausage.  I used some dry salami with whole pieces of meat, but prosciutto is suitable too.

I kneaded as usual the dough for the actual country style roll, as I sifted the flour; I did a well and poured there the mixture of the dissolved in the cool milk yeast, sugar and salt. I kneaded the dough till it became soft, elastic and no sticking.


I placed it in a coated with grease pot, which I closed with the lid and left to rise. When the dough for my country style roll became well-risen and the pot was filled with it, I kneaded for a second time and rolled a rectangular sheet almost a centimeter thick, and the width of the roll I conformed to the length of a rectangular cake baking dish. I covered the actual dish with a sheet of baking paper, without coating it with any grease. I arranged the hard-boiled eggs one by one in length of the dough, at 4 fingers distance from the end. Directly behind the eggs, I arranged the sausage slices, as I overlapped them. It’s very important to overlap the slices to avoid break-up, when you cut then the bread. I took up lightly the dough end on the eggs and I started to wind a tight roll, as I avoided at the same time to stretch the dough for my country style roll. Then I picked carefully the roll up and put it in the baking dish. I left the dough to rise again at room temperature for about 15 minutes / don’t put in any case this roll to rise in the oven/. We don’t spread beaten up egg on the bread, but only water. I baked it in a preheated oven to 180 degrees without fan till readiness. My country style roll gained the ovations at the Sunday lunch, served with a dried pepper appetizer.

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