Nov 192013
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A clock – how to make it on your own


A clock – how to make it on your own

It is an idea, which will remind you of the summer and your unforgettable time on the beach. If you have the needed skills and instruments, you can work the wooden construction on your own in size and shape you want. If you don’t have the possibility, you can buy a photo frame as the shown on the picture below, and transform it into unique clock. If you have already been on the beach and have collected enough shells and seashells, you can start your creation. You need a sprayer for hot silicon to stick the elements I your judgment as you avoid to leave empty space between them. Drive an 8 mm hole in the middle and put there the clock mechanism after you have finished all the other operations. Lay a coat of C200 glue on the medium part and sprinkle some colored sand, you can buy at the flower shops. If you want, you can even stick a photo of yours as a background. After you have finished your clock you can polish with an acrylic mat lacquer all the elements.

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