Dec 012013
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Christmas figure


If you want to have a unique decoration for your Christmas tree, do it on your own.

For this decorative Snow-man figure you need the following: a bulb, acrylic paints, some polymer clay, a piece of cloth, small twigs, some glue and structure paste.

First, you have to clean and skim well the bulb, after that, paint the glass in white with an acrylic paint, and the metal part paint in a dark color, which you want (black, brown, dark blue, red or another). Make a pedestal of the polymer clay, where you will stick the large part of your new Christmas figure. For this purpose, make a bigger ball and press the top of the bulb on it. Like this the bulb will leave an imprint and the base will get an oval form, where the figure will stay later. Do the nose of your snow-man of some orange clay. After that, bake the pedestal and the nose according to the instructions of the clay.

    A trick:
    You can replace the polymer clay with a self drying one, which you can paint in a color you’ve chosen with an acrylic paint. When you are ready with all the elements for your Christmas figure, next is its fitting. On the base stick the white painted bulb. Do the sticking with suitable glue or hot silicon. Then paint the eyes of the Snow-man and stick its nose and the twigs for hands. Lay on the structure paste where you want to imitate some snow. Wait to dry according to the instructions and tie a sharp of cloth of your new Christmas figure. If you want to hang it on the Christmas tree, stick a hanging lace. You’ll impress everybody with such a Christmas figure made of you.

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