Nov 222013
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Christmas decoration of materials of hand


It’s a good idea – do on your own a Christmas decoration.

It’s easy to do and with the help of materials at hand you can bring a Christmas spirits at your home. You need a wooden box or a small crate, some alder or pine branches, 7-8 cones, 1-2 kilos colored or with sand, several glass jars and tea candles in a transparent candlestick. Clean well the wooden box and polish it with an acrylic lacquer, if you want to save the natural color of the wood. If you don’t like its appearance you can paint it in color you’ve chosen. Put in every jar a little sand, as shown in the pictures, and after that, on the sand put the transparent candlestick with the candle. If you want, you can decorate the glass jar with glass-staining paint to give more jolly spirits to your Christmas decoration. Arrange the jars in the wooden tray and put between them the green branches. Choose a place for the cones and arrange them, too. The elements of the decoration mustn’t hold up the periphery of the jars, because there is a risk of fire. If you want, you can add some Christmas balls and garlands to your new Christmas decoration. Put the new gain near the Christmas tree to be an accent for the coming holiday.


      Don’t leave the burning candles without surveillance, because of fire danger.

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