Feb 102014
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chocolate muffins

chocolate muffins

These small sweets – chocolate muffins are the favorite dessert in our home. I often make them – with or without any reason.

    You can find out the ingredients you need in every home. Flour – a tea cup and a half, a tea cup of sugar, one egg, half a tea cup of oil, a flat tea spoon of baking soda, 4 soup spoons of yoghurt, a soup spoon of cocoa / not necessary/, 1-2 packets of vanilla, chocolate: white, milk or dark. The making of these muffins is the following:

Put the sugar in a bowl. Add to it the egg and stir well with a fork, then add the baking soda /observe the order of the ingredients we give you. It’s important to get soft and melting chocolate muffins/. Now add the oil and stir lightly, then put the yoghurt and, at the end the flour with the vanilla. Don’t stir very long time the mixture /when you prepare muffins the long stirring make them stringy/. Now you can add in some of the mixture a spoon of cocoa to color it. Take the muffin forms and place in them paper capsules. The paper capsules save your muffins not to dry. Fill the paper capsules up to the middle, as you put of the white and of the brown mixture. Break some chocolate into small pieces, whatever you’ve got, and put several pieces in your chocolate muffins. While baking, the chocolate sink in the dough. Bake in a preheated oven to 170 degrees about 15 minutes. You can check if they are ready as you stick in some of them a wooden skewer and if there isn’t any sticking dough, then your chocolate muffins are ready. If you want you can sprinkle your chocolate muffins with fine powdered sugar till they are hot to stick it well.

Sometimes, when I want to prepare in different way these savory chocolate muffins, I make sugar syrup and I add to it different flavors, depending on who is going to consume them. If they are adults only, I add some alcohol. In this case the muffins have to be well chilled, and the syrup has to be hot. I dip a brush in the hot syrup and I spread uniformly on the cool chocolate muffins, as I take heed not to overdo with the syrup.

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