May 072014
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Card for a special occasion

Today’s topic is how to make a unique card for a children’s holiday.

Card for a special occasion! If you have received an invitation for a kids’ party, it will indicate you the colors, which will be used for the decoration.This will help you to choose the colors in which to make your card. The next thing that can help you is the age of the child.Your card must be appropriate for the child’s age. Get a color board with a thickness not less than 210 grams. It’s available in bookstores in various sizes from A4 to 50/70 cm, glue or double-sided tape.

Now you should make a project. Here is the graphic design project of my future creation.After you have done this, do your templates that you can use to make your motifs.
Use your imagination and you’ll make a really unique card. Integrate your child, if is old enough, to the drafting process. For your kid it will be a pleasure to cut out the prepared motifs.The next step is to make the size of the workpiece, the model I’ve shown is 14/16 cm, but you can make it larger or smaller.To obtain a card with the size that I’ve given, you will need a piece of cardboard sized 16/28 cm, which you’ll fold in half.Cut out your motifs with the help of the template you’ve made, from different colors cardboard and arrange them on the card before you start working with the adhesive. This will give you an idea about how your finished card will look. In case that something is in excess, then remove it or add more motifs.You can use satin ribbons, lace, beads, figurines of wood, cardboard or metal, or cut small hearts, points … Next is the adhesion of the application, which you have prepared. Work slowly and cleanly. Don’t overdo with the glue, put a small quantity at thin layer to avoid going out of the motif when you stick it.Leave the finished card to dry and you’re done.


Card project


The publication for this card is made due to the courtesy of Rally ART shop



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