Jan 282014
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When you make on your own a jewel, it can become your favorite accessory you don’t want to separate with. A bracelet of leather.

   Now we’ll present you an interesting mode to make on your own a unique jewelry with the help of some ordinary bracelets and a band of natural or imitation leather. Especially for this bracelet you need 8 ordinary bracelets and a band of leather about 2 mm in width. You also need some metal holders with which you’ll catch the beginning and the end of your bracelet leather with the help of jeweler’s nippers. For a better visual effect and stringiness use 4 elements with 2 bracelets each. Start to knead your bracelet, as you pass the leather band through the four bracelets, as shown in the pictures. Try to cling as close as possible the bands each to other. If the leather band isn’t long enough, you can make it longer, as you stick the ends of two bands with some suitable glue, or catch the end of one of the bands with a metal holder and then continue with the second one. When you get to the end, then use again a metal holder to fix the leather to your new bracelet. If you want you can make this bracelet in two different colors. For this purpose you need two different color leather bands, which you’ll put parallel one next to the other, without interweaving  and like this you’ll have to knead them to the end. You can attach to the leather of this bracelet beads, letters, or another pendant like a small key or heart, with the help of small metal rings. Unleash your imagination and you can work an incredible unique bracelet for you or for a gift.


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