Nov 162013
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A box of recycled materials


Here are some ideas to make a lovely and practical box to save small lifestyle objects.

If you have got an old but well preserved container of some preparation, you can remake it in an excellent box for office materials or other tiny objects. Depending on the form of the plastic tube you can improvise and to create a unique handmade and decorated box on your own. Here are some basic rules you have to respect while working. First you have to clean well and skim the tube. After, with the help of a permanent marker, draw the form you want to get and eventually the opening with different shapes. For more regular forms and curves you can use student` s stencil. Depending on the thickness of the material, you can choose a modal knife or a very fine saw or metal hack-saw with small cogs. It is better to use an electrical instrument type “Dremel“, because it has many appliances and do a smooth section. Carefully cut on the drawn contours and after that smooth with fine sandpaper. After you have got the wanted form of your box, decorate it with different techniques and materials. If you are a good painter, use acrylic paints and create your unique pictures on your new box. You can also use the DECOUPAGE techniques with which you can use a ready image and remove it on your box. You can use different ribbons, artificial flowers or other design to get the final look you want.

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