Feb 132014
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Bird feeding-trough in the garden


In the winter many birds, which stay to pass the cold season in Bulgaria, need some more complementary food, because when it snows a lot, they can’t find anything for eating.

      That’s why it will be good, if you’ve got the possibility, to place somewhere in the yard or in the garden a bird feeding-trough with different seeds.

    Surely, sparrows, tom-tits and other kinds of birds will be very pleased of your gesture. It’s very important to put your bird feeding-trough in such a place so that the sparrows won’t be afraid of alighting on it and the cats can’t reach to there. Cats are quite inventive and able to climb difficult of access places and if they reach your bird feeding-trough, it will become a trap for birds. We show you there several ideas for bird feeding-trough, made of materials at hand. You can take a plastic bottle and use it as bird feeding-trough after you have done some improvements. For easiest catch, drive a hole into the cap and tie a small thin rope, with the help of which you can regulate your bird feeding-trough height. After that, pierce 4 openings as shown in the picture, and put there 2 wooden ladles. It’s important the rear opening, where the wooden spoon passes, has the same diameter then the wood it-self. The front opening, though, must be larger, to be possible for the sparrows to pass easily when they come to pick the seeds, and small quantity of the seeds to get in the large part of the ladle. You can fill the actual bird feeding-trough with millet, sunflower, wheat, maize and other seeds. The seeds mustn’t be wet, because they will stick each to other and after that will decay.

bird feeding

      Another variant of bird feeding-trough is made of metal can or something similar, but it must be larger. You must work a place where, birds can stay and pick the seeds, when they alight. 

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