Nov 162013
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beautiful jewel

beautiful jewel

For creative people we will show how to make on their own a beautiful  jewel.

You need plastic spoons for single use – three sizes: 10 large, 5 middle and 2 small ones. With the help of tea candle and tweezers or tongs with long tips, you can make a unique lovely jewel. Cut the handles as shown and start to improvise, as you watch for not to burn up yourself!!! First join at the base the big spoons, arrange them as a petals, after that join the middle-sized and at the end the smallest ones. A safety pin can help you perfectly to bucking and you can even use the jewel as brooch or pendant. If you don` t like its white color you can color your pretty jewel with some acrylic paint, the best is to use a sprayer. After you can put a final layer of acrylic lacquer.  

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