Nov 192013
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beautiful idea


If you want to diversify your interior, you can use this creative idea.

If you have done repairs at home soon and you have empty boxes of paint or other similar cans, you can transform them into a work of art with available materials and a little bit of imagination. First, you have to clean well the can from the paint remains and to skim the surface. After that, choose beautiful figures on paper or thin cloth. Cut them up and stick them on the inner side of the can. You can use a decoupage paper serviette, but be careful when you are sticking it to pull it well and avoid folds.  For this purpose, you can use C200 or a decoupage glue. The visible part of the can paint in a color you want, and then stick figures on the exterior part of your new box. You can transform this idea into a pleasant family art occupation, if you include your children. Let them unleash their imagination and offer their own ideas to decoration. The other variant is to paint the exterior part in jolly colors and if you are a good painter, to create unique pictures on the box. If you have used only paper decoration, you have to polish the surfaces to get stronger and to avoid damages and easy contamination. As an extra, you can use ribbon, buttons, coffee grains, cut cork elements, dried flowers and many other elements. If some holiday is near, you can create a theme decoration of the box. You can do it for a present, for example, with some Christmas figures and to attach a scroll with some wish, made of you. If it is a present for a child, fill in it different tidbits. You will provoke many positive emotions. If you have possibility to work several different sized and various decorated boxes you’ll get a wonderful art composition

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