Nov 192013
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barbecue in the garden



A very beautiful and stylish barbecue for your garden.

It’s an excellent idea for a barbecue, which you can delight visually and delight the food prepared on it. We‘ll show you how to form an island in your yard and, at the same time, to profit of its practicality. First, you need to prepare a ground at least 4 to 4 m, so you can feel comfortable when you dispose a table and chairs. You have to fix the stones and the slabs with a high quality flexible stone glue for external use to avoid break down after the first winter. If you want, after that you can safeguard the stone with a special lacquer for stones. You can improvise with the form and the design. For example, the wood storage wing you can transform into an oven. Don’t forget to join its chimney to the chimney of the barbecue. Or, if you have possibility to join the water-supply system, make a fountain, which will help you a lot. But in this case, you have to provide possibility to stop and run off the water in the winter.  

A unique barbecue


The next cunning! With this unique barbecue you’ll surprise even the greatest pessimists for grill design.

An original solution can be attained with a retro boot of a car or even Opel or Ford. Cut out the boot, think out a suitable stand with wheels and you‘ll become irresistible on the garden party!

barbecue in the garden

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