Jan 212014
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Оriginal design! It’s a wonderful idea to decorate an old small table, which you have to completely transform.

In this case we’ve got a small table with an additional broad board, which you have to put on top. The table, itself, keeps its original design, and needs just a recreation. First clean well and skim the surfaces and then with fine sandpaper take out old, crazed and damaged sections of the table.  At the end, polish several times the table with an acrylic lacquer and now the new design looks much better. The advantage of the additional board is that the table keeps its original design as a whole, and only the upper usable surface changes, and in two different variants at that, as you decorate in different way the two surfaces. With the help of your imagination you can create many different variants of the surfaces, but here we’ll examine the practical example in the pictures. At first place, you have to clean and skim perfectly the surface. If necessary, you can scratch with very fine sandpaper the holding for a better cohesion between the old and the new layer of paint. After that, with the help of a paper scotch in two or three different widths, create the best configuration at your taste for the new design of your small table. If you want to save the original design of the additional board, you have to safeguard the periphery, as you cover it with a band of scotch. The following is to choose the tonality of your new design – two or three colors of acrylic paint or another special paint for wood. If you want to give a fiery radiation of your creation, then use yellow and red. If you want to be close to nature – use green and brown. If you are a freedom-loving person, use colors of the blue tonality. You can paint another design on the other side and to reverse the decoration according to your mood and the concrete occasion. After the paint has dried, remove the paper stickers and you can make the needed corrections. It’s advisable to polish the surface some times with an acrylic lacquer – glossy or mat, according to your preference, to strengthen the surface and to become steadier for use.

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