Feb 052014
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We like cheese very much. It‘s in held in honor in our house. Apropos of this and our suggestion how to prepare cheese from this checked home recipe.

It makes fast, easily and the ingredients are not too much. You’ll need 2 l whole milk, 400 gr. sour cream with butter content not less then 20%, 4 eggs and a soup spoon of salt (or less).

These are the needed ingredients to prepare your cheese. Put in a larger pot the milk to boil. In this time beat up in a bowl the cream with the help of an egg-whisk and add to it consecutively one by one the 4 eggs and the salt while stirring. The mixture must become homogeneous and smooth. When the milk starts to boil add to it in thin stream the cream and the eggs, as you keep stirring lightly the milk. This is the mixture form which your cheese will form. Keep stirring lightly until this mixture starts to boil. Since the moment of boiling, time 7-8 minutes during which the granules for your home-made cheese will form. When the time is over, take the mixture out of the hot-plate. Take a suitable large vessel, which can contain the whey, which will separate from your cheese. Place a colander on the vessel and spread in it double folded large gauze. Pour out the liquid with the granules on the gauze. Be careful not to burn yourself, because the mixture for this cheese is hot. Fold the ends of the gauze and start to twist them toward the cheese to press the formed granules and your cheese to get a homogeneous and robust structure.

When you’ve already folded till the end and you’ve formed a ball of the mixture, press on top without unwinding with something heavier for half an hour to press it better and the whey to separate. From the separate whey you can prepare very savory curds. Return it back in the pot and put it again on the hot-plate. Add to it a full soupspoon of yoghurt and on the top of a tea spoon of salt of lemon. Leave the mixture to boil well and take out of the hot-plate to chill. The as formed curds strain off through gauze, just like you’ve done with your cheese.

In 30 minutes while your cheese has been pressed, you can take out the gauze. Put the ready cheese in the fridge for about an hour and then it’s ready to be consumed. Have a good appetite!

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