Nov 232013
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“dream” cake


A tasty domestic cake.

Ingredients you need: 20 eggs, 600 gr. Sugar, 400 gr. Flour. 100 gr. raspberry farina, 1 packet of baking powder, 3 soupspoons of cocoa, 1 l milk, 250 gr. butter. 250 gr. powdered sugar, 2 packets of vanilla, 400 gr. plum jam (or another dark jam if you want).

        Start first with the cream to have enough time to cool. With an egg-whisk beat the eggs, 100 gr. Flour and 150 ml milk. The rest of the milk and 200 gr. Sugar put on the hot-plate to heat up. When the sugar is dissolved and the milk is hot enough, at thin jet and without stop stirring, add the egg mixture. Boil the cream to get ready (to bubble). Take out the as prepared milk cream for your domestic cake and cool it, as you often stir to avoid a crust on the top. The butter, left on room’s temperature for several hours (soft enough), beat at fluffy cream with the powdered sugar and the 2 packets of vanilla. The milk cream for the “dream” cake, which is completely cool, mix carefully to the butter cream with a wooden spoon. There is a trick: you can prepare the cream the previous day, it could be in the fridge and you can get it out an hour before the cake fitting.

        Preparing of the cake: For the dark cake: beat 8 eggs with 200gr. sugar, until they triple their volume. In a bowl screen 100 gr. flour and 100 gr. farina, the cocoa and the baking powder. Carefully, spoon by spoon, add the dry mixture to the eggs as you stir lightly until all the flour is absorbed. Take a cake form with a movable bottom, where you’ve cut and put baking paper with the diameter of the form. Fill the mixture in the form and bake in a preheated oven to180 degrees for 40 minutes (till readiness, you can make sure whether the cake is ready with the help of a skewer. Pierce the cake, if there isn’t any conglutinate dough, so it’s ready). The ready dark cake for this tasty “dream” cake cool and cut into two equal parts.

      The white cake: 8 egg whites beat with200 gr. sugar on hard snow. Add the yolks, as you stir lightly until their absorption and then put the screened 200 gr. flour, and again stir carefully to its absorption. Cover a rectangular baking form with baking paper, fill the mixture and spread it uniformly. Bake it in a preheated oven to180 degree till readiness.

     And now the most interesting part of this unique cake is its fitting. In a cake tray place the half of the dark cake. On it spray (you can do it with a large spoon, too) 1/3 of the milk-butter cream. Divide the rectangular cake into 4-5 equal bands, and spread well on every one some jam. Roll up the first band and put it in the middle of the cake. Add every following band to the standing roll. The final band equalize with a knife to make possible to form the circumference of your cake. Next, you have to place the second part of the dark cake. Spread on the rolled cake with the half of the left over cream and put there the dark cake. Cover with the last 1/3 of the cream your cake and decorate it on your taste. It’s good to leave the cake for a night in the fridge before serving. This “dream” cake is an incredible temptation for you and your friends. Do it! It’s worth the trouble! 

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